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Force 10 Application Information - for the layman
I require Information on the following:
Energy Star Ratings AUS
Bushfire Protection
Cyclone Resistance
Earthquake Resistance
Sound Deadening Attributes
Speed of Construction
Design Information and cost
Initial Interview Cost - Zero
Site Material Waste - Minimal
Design Restrictions for Modular Construction
Composite Construction and how it works?
Solar Powered Air Coinditioning - How does it work
Construction cost savings - Where?
Solar Powered Hot Water - How come it costs Zero?
Why is this product (Force 10) superior to others?
How does this product impact on our daily cost of living?
What is the best GMT time to contact us?
What is the best date to concact you?

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Please fill out the form below to be added to our customer list. And to our American and overseas friends out there, you should see what we can  do to enhance your own designs,  the Modular system is already transported to many countries in the world. Imagine if your home is the only one left standing in a Cyclone with 280 + KPH winds? Would that in  itself be worth filling in the enquiry sheet?

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