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force 10
  • Cyclone Resistant rated to withstand winds up to 320kph.
  • Earthquake Resistant. When combined with the Force 10 patented 'flooring system'
  • Fire Retardent to withstand direct heat of 900 deg in a controlled test.
  • Termite resistant.
  • If the Force 10 flooring system is used in conjunction with Mega -anchors the home can be built on the side of cliffs.
  • Due to the nature of the foam filled wall panels, as an added benefit you get incredible sound deadening, between rrooms, hallways and bathrooms.
  • Wall heights are 2700mm standard and can be 3000mm as an option with taller as required.
  • When used in a 2 x Storey Design, incorporating the Force 10 flooring system there is almost no sound transfer between upper and lower floors.
  • Less expensive to build than Cinter Block or Brickwork on 2 x Storey homes. When you consider the fact that even the  scaffolding for the second floor construction is on site for far less due to not requiring bricklaying.
  • Sound Deadening is very high due to the construction technique of heta resistant foam filled internal and external wall panels. It is almost impossible to hear normal conversation between rooms.
  • Steel frame provides the strength and termite resistance not offerd by timber framing.
  • Rapid construction time, as the Module is assembled on site with the minimum of trades required. For example we have filmed a 209sq mt home, go from start to first 'Lock up' on site in 14days with 1 x Tradesman Carpenter, 2 x Apprentices and 1 x Force 10 Trainer (who incidentally comes with the module package for 14 days on site*)
* Force 10 provide the trainer for a period of 14 days as part of the Module package. The cost of his airfares and accomodation are at the expense of the purchaser.