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New Housing Estates
Autorealty Consulting   
Has vast experience in assisting developers of new housing estates to maximise the potential Sales of land to prospective buyers through the following:
  • We will design a Striking New Display Home as the 'Center Piece' of the Estate to project innovative design concepts to suit the individual sites, the orientation and the shape of the allotments.
  • We will integrate the latest power saving and water saving devices to provide the Green Tick to the designs to enhance the living environment for the owners or tenants.
  • We have been involved in designing homes to suit the lifestyle, the budgets and the individual tastes of New Home buyers so that 'there is no 'compromise' between budget and finished home.
  • We incorporate the latest 'Cutting Edge' features and benefits to  compliment the environment and also to ensure a 'residential streetscape' compliments your development and you don't get a 'patchwork quilt' of varying styles of homes that have little of no relevance to each other or the land they are built on.
  • We are the ' Go to' company when you have those last remaining allottments that are odd shaped, steep, not very attractive or have an unusual easement through the lot. You will see some examples attached to this page, which were designed to suite irregular shaped blocks, that would normally be difficult to sell . We have seen many blocks ' Fire Sale Clearanced' when all it really took was some design expertise to sell the lot at full retail price!
  • We offer a House & Land  Package design service, incorporating our unique and innovative designs, our state of the art Building Materials Force 10 resulting in Energy Star Ratings of 7.0 - 9.5! These are all independently rated and assesed and on top of this we offer features and benefits such as Solar Powered Air Conditioning , Walk - In - Cool Rooms / Freezers, Raked Ceilings, etc etc.
The Directors of AutoRealty Consulting P/L have been involved in designing innovative homes in new housing estates in Hervey Bay ( QLD) Maitland (Hunter Valley) Singleton / Muswellbrook (Hunter Valley) North Sydney, Alice Springs (NT) Whyalla (SA). We are currently in discussions with Developers in Melbourne / Angaston (The Barossa Valley) Pt Pirie (S.A) Salisbury (Adelaide S.A) Darwin ( N.T.) and Pt Augusta (S.A) regarding providing design and consulting services to these developments.
If you feel we may be able to assist with you current or projected development, please feel free to contact us at any time by email to or by calling 0415358086.
Below are two designs which involved a difficult 'Triangular Shaped' lot and a  Corner Lot with a very long main road frontage and relatively small side street frontage. In the later design we managed to provide the client with a Main Bedroom view up a 'Fresh Water Canal' and seperate courtyards to front bedrooms.
Lot 11 Conservation Drive Kingfisher Lakes Modular Home design
 Autorealty Consulting also provide Indigenous Housing designs and information  through our Indigenous Construction Website on the following link:
We work jointly with Modular Construction companies to provide solutions to countries like South Africa, Russia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. We are currently in discussion with Indonesia to assist with low cost Modular Housing for the poor with no steel or wood used in construction .
We have recently registered 'Display Home Designers' Domain to assist first time builders and Estate Developers with innovative designs to showcase both the builder and the land developer. This will set the standard for the quality and style of homes for the development, not 'rubber stamped' Project designs.
4 - Bedroom Triangular Design available in Force10 Modular