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Flood Resistant Building System
The Force 10 Engineered Building System has been designed to withstand some of the harshest elements that nature can throw at us, it has the ability:
  • To remain intact during torrential flooding, without effecting the structural integrity.
  • Once the floodwaters have subsided and the clean up begins, Force 10 is ready for the next phase.
  • You simply bring out the high pressure water Gurney and clean down the internal and external wall panels. Once this is completed and the product has been allowed to dry completely, the product can be repainted.
  • You do not have to go through the costly process of removing plasterboard and in some cases timber frames to rebuild the entire structure.
For more information on the ability of he product to be recycled and reused, please vist
There are very few Modular Building products that can withstand natures natural disasters as well as the Force 10 Engineered Building System.
Whether you are considering rebuilding after a flood or a bushfire, Force 10 building solutions have got you covered.
Whether are considering building in Federation Fascade or Super Modern with composite construction building materials.......we have got you covered.