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Investment Design:
AutoRealty Consulting has extensive experience in Investment Design and House & Land Packages. We pride ourselves on being able to provide 'cutting edge' investment opportunities in any area you choose. We are able to work with Developers / Building Companies in any State to produce a cost effective 'Turn Key' development that is both eonomical and provides a better living environment for prospective tenants. Most tenants are conscious of cost of living presures apart from their rental, such as power bills caused by Heating and Cooling, water conservation and other cost saving measures. Some of the benefits we offer are:
  • Higher Energy Star Ratings compared to traditional building methods.
  • Lower running costs for the tenant for Heating and Cooling due to construction material and things like Solar Assisted Air Conditioning - Solar Powered Hot Water - Rainwater Harvesting.
  • Design features that provide passive heating and cooling. We use a minimum 2700mm ceiling heights to you can have ceiling fans! We can provide 'hopper vents' over all doors so that you can close the bedroom doors for privacy, yet still have the benefit of cross flow ventilation (try doing that with 2400 ceiling heights!)
  • We provide Alfresco Dining Areas outside so that you can enjoy the 'eating out lifestyle'.
  • Even our Duplex Designs have many of these features and position living areas away from each other. We even provide 'Executive Style' Duplex designs with 'Internal Glass Encased Formal Dining Rooms' leading on to Alfreco Dining areas for less formal occasions.
  • We incorporate Solar Powered Roof Vents to close when the sun goes down to prevent drafts and dispose of heat when you need to.
Speed of Construction:
Any Investor will know that this is one of the critical requirments when building any investment property. By using the Force 10 Enginered Building System we can get the average investment home to 1st Lock Up in 14 Days On Site! The speed of the erection of the Module, means even for the most inexperienced builder, the project is completed in a very short space of time so that you get you tenant in earlier!!!
By using this patented building system, we are able to get the early stages up and locked up, reducing possibilities of time over runs due to inclement weather. With a Duplex for instance, imgine getting both units completed in a much shorter time and both tenants in earlier!!  The Force 10 product has been around for over 40 years and some of its time saving fetures are as follows;
  • The whole Module is manufactured in a factory not effected by weather conditions.
  • It is transported to site in a shipping container or in packs for immediate asembly on site.
  • A Force 10 Trainer is available to show the 'short cuts' to the builder to expedite construction.
  • Once the Carpenter and 2 x Apprentices / Backpackers start it becomes a little like a Meccano Set!
  • The precise engineering and construction manual ensures it goes together smoothly and efficiently.
  • The steel roof trusses come 'flat packed' inside the Module and can be aembled on site quickly.
  • All but the P.C. items nd floor coverings and window furnishings are included, even the render!
  • No time wasted running around to hardware stores to pick up supplies.
  • At the end of the day you can lock everything up in the container, no hold ups due to theft!
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