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Autorealty Consulting is proud to be associated with Modula Australia (through Peter Gransden) to provide modular housing solutions to both residential and mine site operations in Australia.
Please contact us for initial concept design work for single and multi level designs. We will pass the designs on to Modula Australia for quotation.
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Specific mine site village accommodation designed to incorporate high Energy Star Ratings along with Residential 'cutting edge design'.
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This is the ultimate 'Village Housing for the modern mine site accomodation. We can design 'Specific' galleys, sleeping accomodation and recreational areas to suit your individual requirements. We can incorporate sleeping/ kitchen / ablution blocks on up to 3 x levels by 'plug and play' technology.
Ask for a copy of our products and services brochure to be mailed out to you anywhere in Australia!
We also provide Indigenous Housing design on our 50 Shades of Grey Indigenous Construction Website by clicking on the following link:

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