AutoRealty Consulting P/L - "I dream of things that never were and ask, why not?? RK
8X4 SIGN copy on Whyalla Display Home site.

AutoRealty Consulting P/L use and recommend the highest Energy Rating construction materials  for all of our innovative 'one off' designs. We take the most ordinary model and change the Front Elevations using composite construction building materials, to arrive at spectacular!. With  documented thermal qualities, the 'Cutting Edge Designs' provide a realistic alternative to anyone considering'Green Sustainable Housing Design'.
AutoRealty Consulting  offer you:
  • The highest Energy Star Ratings for any home we design in Australia. The Whyalla Display Home is rates at 7.0 Star Energy Ratingby an Independent Acredited Company.
  • Modular Construction Alternatives with the strength of steel frames
  • The Internal and External walls are all insulated as is the ceiling and roof.
  • The products are Termite Resistant.
  • All external and internal wall panels are insulated with fire retardent foam and provide maximum noise reduction.
  • The Force 10 Engineered Buiding System has accreditation to withstand 320kph Cyclonic Winds.
  • The Force 10 Engineered Building System is recommended by the Victorian Bushfire Councilas a building system to replace the homes destroyed in the 'Black Saturday Fires'.
  • A normal 200 sqmt home can be at 1st lock up in as little as 14 days on site. This can be attained with the entire Module being constructed off site and transported to the building location in 20' shipping containers.
  • We are one of the first deign companies to provide Walk In Cool Rooms with Internal freezers in any Display Home in Australia.
  • We useBreezway Tinted remote controlled louvre windows to provide passive heating and cooling.
  • We are the first design company to use Solar Powered Air Conditioning Systems in Australia ( see and . This system actually puts power back into the electricity grid while it is running........or turned competely off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • We continue to use 900mm wide soffits (eaves) where possible to provide protection from the elements and the harsh Australian sun. We have not bowed to the pressure of designing homes with no eaves for purely esthetic appeal.
  • Where possible we continue to design roof vents into the original roof line allowing hot air to disperse naturally through these vents.
  • We provide2700mm - 3000mm high walls internally to allow the fitting of glass panels above the doors to allow air circulation, even when the door is closed.
  • We are proud to be associated with and recommend Miele Energy Saving and Water Saving Appliances.   Miele have just been awarded the Choice Award for washing machine design, technology and cost savings for 2011.
Ever Wondered what Happened to all those features in modern designs?
  • To save costs designers in Australia dropped the ceilings to 2400mm, at the expense of ceiling fans, vents windows above the doors and roof vents.
  • We will not sacrifice ceiling heights to do away with these features from the old days................................

We are proud to also be involved in providing home designs for indigenous communities using Modular Construction materials for greater energy efficiency and speed of construction.


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